Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Double duty

This morning was the first half of my double routine.
My resting probably means I made it through 65% of the routine
I am still tired and weak 2 hours after I finished the routine
My pecs are sore where they attached near the clavicle
Tonight I have mile repeats
In 8:11
Only 3 of them (thank you running gods)
One will be sort of easy
Two will be hard
Three might be impossible

I can very much see that if you do the routines you will get in shape. I am hoping to build some up body muscle but most importantly build core strength. A stronger core makes a stronger runner. I'll see the difference in 88 more days. I took measurements last night and will take them at 30, 60 and the final 90 day end of workout.

I feel like I am dieing.

the beginning of the end

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